Waleed Nazar
Worth every star the food is exceptional and no matter what you order you will be satisfied. Every time me and my family come the service and food is great. Would definitely recommend!
The best Indian restaurant in Delaware beyond any doubt!!! Everything is made to order. My entré was exactly like I ordered. Specialty cocktails are superb.
Yousef Ahmed
Food is great, nice relax dining, ambiance is simple & stylish and freindly staff. Good place to have some delicious desi food with family. Child-friendly ·Healthy options· Fine dining · Great food
Amy B.
This was our first time visiting curry and cocktails and we absolutely loved the place. The food was by far one of our favorite Indian restaurants. The inside is very nice looking but they also offer take out and curbside. My husband has sworn to come every week because he finally has found the flavor he's been missing. The owner personally came up to our table and asked us how the food was. I find that very personal and I will be back as well.
Nathaniel L.
Staff was immediately very friendly and responsive. Food came out in a very resonable time as well. Overall I was very satisfied with the service. The food is easily some of the best in the area and the variety might not be amazing but it has the staples of what at least I normally expect and is plenty adequate. I can only make small nitpicks about the resturant and if I ever had any real criticism it would be that the atmosphere of the resturant on sunny days is fairly dark and there isn't much color anywhere. I know that being a bar it's not preferable to have bright lights so i think an easy remedy would be to simply add color with maybe some extra plants or maybe flowers in the dining area! Right now the color scheme is just a little grey but I'm nitpicking and it most certainly isnt a deal breaker.
অভি সেলিম
Food is delicious, very friendly atmosphere, clean, and nice place. Highly recommended.
Kevin K.
Dinner was awesome. Give this place a try and your tastebuds a treat! Service was excellent. We saw lots of things to try, we will be back!